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Smart Data. Live Alerts.

We use machine learning (AI) to filter all the noise in the market to find the best actionable trades and market trends.

Effortless Trade Ideas

Trade set-ups compiled daily with entries & price targets on all relevant stocks for the day.

Full explanations, data points, and education provided on each trade.

Learn Together

Community based learning platform with an in-depth knowledge base to take you from a beginner to an advanced trader.

What our member's are saying

The Trading Academy at SoFlo saved me! Before joining, my portfolio was down drastically, getting discouraged and ready to give up. The trading academy teaches us the fundamentals of the stock market. By simply taking the lessons and pay attention to market alerts you will become an elite trader.

Amy, Pro Member

College Student
SoFlo combines sophisticated alerting, relevant education, and attentive coaching all under one platform. SoFlo has become a close-knit community of talented and advancing traders. Alerts and commentary are priceless. Sign up and experience for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Faris, Pro Member

Head of Tech Consulting Firm
When I first joined, I had little to no options experience. Since then, I have continued to learn and grow as a trader. I love SoFlo because we get live commentary and learn why we are looking at a trade before we take it. The amount of learning and knowledge I have gained from being here is priceless.

Gage, Pro Member

Engineer in Energy Sector

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